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Psychic/ Medium/ Spiritual Counselor/ Intuitive/

Folk Magic Practitioner/ Educator


What can Yulia do to help me?

Yulia Applewood is a truly gifted psychic medium. She’s empathetic, engaging, and naturally intuitive. She will make you at ease during any reading. She is knowledgeable about many faiths and can use information from a variety of spiritual paths to help guide readings.


Ask Yulia for Guidance

Am I on the right path?

Will I ever find love?

Is my relationship worth saving?

Is my deceased loved one okay? 

Do they know I think about them?

Is my career the right one for me?

I’m thinking of making a big change, is the time right?


Life is so busy, I feel disconnected, what can I do spiritually to help?


As a natural born psychic medium, Yulia Applewood offers clients an exclusive look into their daily lives, future and potentials using a variety of validating techniques to focus her innate abilities.  Some techniques include tarot, oracle cards, palmistry, tealeaf reading, bone throwing, crystal divination, dowsing, and crystal ball gazing to enhance your experience. These techniques validate her naturally received psychic information and can guide the reading based on your needs. 


Through mediumship, she helps connect with the spirits of loved ones who have passed on. These readings will include validating information followed by messages directly from the spirit world.  She also teaches clients who have suffered loss how to involve the spirits of their loved ones in their everyday lives. In spiritual counseling, Yulia helps clients to develop and use their own unique spiritual gifts.


As a magical practitioner focused on ancestral folk magic, Yulia uses folk charms, energy work and ritual in conjunction with different crystals, herbs, candles and oils to help clients get what they require. Each working is uniquely crafted for the client’s specific needs and his/her highest good and contingent on ethical discretion (a reading is required prior to any magical work). 

She also teaches classes on a variety of topics including spirituality, the afterlife, folk magic and ancestor veneration.  She’s assisted law enforcement with difficult cases when asked by family members to intervene. Yulia is ethical with her gifts. She will only read people and share messages with people who wish to receive her gifts.


Yulia primarily works in the Greater Boston/North Shore area of Massachusetts but is willing to travel to nearby areas for special events. She is available to share her gifts by phone for those who cannot reach her in person.


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Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Magical Practioner, Ordained Reverend


Psychic – Yulia  Applewood is able to foresee events in the future as the most likely probable outcome without any changes to the situation. 


Spirit Medium – Yulia Applewood is able to speak with spirits and ancestors.  She holds séances and private readings.  Her goal is to assist you with making the connection with your loved one, giving validating information so you are certain it is your loved one, and facilitating conversation between you and your loved ones. 


Spiritual Counselor - Yulia Applewood can help you make sense of an uncertain world in a variety of ways using methods of divination and wisdom.


Magical Practitioner – Yulia Applewood’s ancestors were deeply involved in folk magic and passed their gifts to her.  Magic combines ritual with intention.

Ordained Reverend - Yulia Applewood is an Ordained Minister in the State of Massachusetts.


Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Memorial To The Dead

From My Clients

Yulia Applewood Best 5 Star Trip Advisor Psychic Medium Salem Hex: Old World Witchery

A Memorial Altar honoring those who passed on. 


"If you honor those in Spirit, they will remember you."

~ Yulia Applewood

"Every person has experienced the presence of Spirit in their lives; however sometimes it takes a medium, like myself to convince our minds what our hearts already know, that the ones we love are always with us." - Yulia Applewood 


“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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