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Since she was a small child Yulia has been intrigued by the great questions in life.  At the age of 4, Yulia had a revelation where she questioned whether we were all characters in the dream of a divine being.  Her memories from her crib included memories of her long passed grandmother watching over her.  These encounters prompted her to argue with her mother that her grandmother was indeed present when she was just a baby, when she was not alive during the same time as her grandmother.  Later in life through reuniting with distant family, Yulia was able to confirm that her grandmother and  other family members had her same spiritual gifts.  Her grandmother read tea leaves and tarot, and as a natural medium explaining to her family members what happens when people die suddenly.  She often met with neighbors to do readings and at some point had to turn away from her gift.  Yulia holds this precious gift from her ancestors and her grandmother's tarot deck as sacred and uses her gifts to help others find guidance and healing. 







Yulia's Grandmother and Great-Grandmother

Like most small children Yulia also had an "imaginery friend."  Her imaginery friend was a young woman who had a baby.  The difference for Yulia turned out to be that her "imaginery friends" were a family of spirits of individuals who passed on the property where she grew up.  In later years Yulia researched the history of her home to find validating information that her "imaginery friends" were actually the spirits of people who lived and died at her residence. 

Her travels to Europe introduced her to a wide range of spirits both noble and common.  Even in her youth, she knew what happened in rooms before tour guides could share about the history of locations.  Through these experiences Yulia developed a passion for history, which she pursued through her undergraduate education.  However Yulia was also critically minded.  She was always questioning the origins of these unusual phenomenon.  This curiosity led her to extensive post graduate academic study of neurobiology and behavior.  During this time Yulia attempted to surpress her gifts of psychism and mediumship.  She worked endlessly to commit herself to academia in the pursuit of science.  As a result of surpressing her gifts she was plagued by insomnia and intense headaches.   The completion of her academic studies led her to seek alternative modes to express her unique abilities. 


After the completion of her studies Yulia grappled with questions pertaining to her life's purpose.  She somehow walked into a psychic development class.  In the class she was given a closed envelope containing a photo of a classmates departed loved one with no additional information known.  Following the exercise instructions she wrote with remarkable accuracy about this man's life, personality, and even clothing.  The detail extended to his cause of death and a message he had for his elder son.  Following the exercise she was able to take each envelope for the entire class and provide each of her classmates with messages of validation and healing from each of their departed loved ones.  The next day Yulia's teacher and the spiritual center's owner recognized her uncanny ability, hiring her as a professional reader recognizing her as a natural born psychic and medium. 


From that day forward she devoted her academic career, discipline and passion to the discovery of psychic techniques and metaphysics.  She became a practioner of Reiki and uses traditional energy healing techniques in her work.  A practioner of many divinitory modalities.  Some of these modalities and special  interests include: tarot, palmistry, scrying (crystal ball gazing), crystal reading, tea leaf reading, bone reading, dowsing.  Yulia also became an Ordained Minister and is thus legally endowed with the power to perform weddings, funerals, and other rites of passage.  Yulia further developed her ancestral talents as a folk healer and magician.  She offers her clients an opportunity to embrace the fullness of their lives through spiritual and magical practices.


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“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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