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Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
Yulia Applewood Divination
Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
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Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
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Yulia Applewood Medium

Yulia's Most Frequently

Asked Questions


  • 1) Why do you do this?  I tried to deny my abilities for years in the academic world without success.  I reached a point in my life where instead of trying to hide my gifts, I needed to share them to help people.  I have the ability to change lives.  Helping someone find clarity in a moment of dispair, or have hope that their lost loved ones is still present in their life makes such a huge difference for someone.  My readings can change someone's life path or help them achieve their goals.  I get to go to work and do what I love, I get to help people all day. Why wouldn't I be doing this?

  • 2) How did you know you were psychic?

    I just always knew things.  It was normal to me.  I did not realize until later that my intuition and dreams about future events were not something everyone experienced.  I thought everyone else had the same abilities and experiences, I realized my psychic ability and my ability to communicate with Spirit was special and not something to be taken for granted.  


  • 3) How did you know you could communicate with spirits?  Since I was in my crib I remember explaining detailed information to my parents about my grandparents who had been deceased for some time at the time I was born.  I felt them with me, they played with me.  I needed to learn over time to turn off the ability and tune in when I choose.  This can be the most difficult part for people with my gift.  


  • 4) If you’re so psychic, what are the lottery numbers?  I know many things but my psychic gift does not work that way.  I do not know everything.  If I could win the lottery I would not need to promote myself.  I played a few times for fun and my accuracy was far above average.

  • 5) How can I receive messages from departed loved ones?  Those in spirit reach out to the living in a variety of ways.  We might notice them communicating with us through a moving song on the radio, unexpected meaningful symbols or signs of love.  This could appear as a weather event, rainbow, a flower, an animal, etc.  They also reach out to us in our dreams or a gentle touch or mild sensation.  They are with you.  Be open to them, remember them, and honor them.  I can help you with this.


  • 6) Are there any topics you won’t deal with?  As a rule I will always try.  I often do not seek traumatic unsolved crime situations anymore because as much as I am able to commune with the spirits, those situations can haunt me.  I also will not predict time of death.


  • 7) What is the strangest question anyone has asked you during a reading?  A client once paid for a reading to ask me what number they should order at a fast food restaurant.  I do not let skeptics bother me. Either people want a reading or they do not.  I hope when he is ready for a serious reading he returns someday.


  • 8)  What is the most difficult part about being able to read people and talk to spirits?  It took a great deal of time to be able to have control where I am able to speak to spirits when I choose, instead of them being everywhere to the point where they distract from having any sort of personal life.  It can be draining and stressful to always have competing factors around.   With training and focus I’ve learned to have boundaries with the spirits. It is difficult when in public places like the grocery store where there are many people all with unique stories, stressful situations, and departed loved ones.  I will not read anyone who does not want to be read.  My responses to daily life and picking up on the energy of others ranges from being extra nice to a cashier who is contemplating suicide, to taking a few moments to talk with a senior in the cat food aisle about her departed husband.   Sometimes I may tell people what I do and ask if it is okay to talk for a minute.  With the sad senior in the cat food aisle she was deeply comforted by her husband’s message and presence in her daily life.  He did not want her to be sad, he wanted her to remember their life together.  I am ethical in everything I do.


  • 9) What happens if someone dies suddenly?  Spirits of people who die suddenly or whom have died under the influence of narcotics can sometimes be confused about the next step in their journey.  It may take them more time and they may not realize they are actually deceased as soon as other spirits.  I have had the honor of assisting many of these spirits in the process of crossing over.

  • 10)  Are those in spirit happy?  With rare exceptions those who have passed into spirit are generally quite happy.  They are surrounded by family members and loved ones who have also gone over.  They take great joy in being able to interact with those they love who are still in alive on earth.

“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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