How Can Yulia Assist You? 
Below are examples of the types of spiritual services Yulia provides.  Prices vary based on time, type of event, and amount of people. 
 If a service, or event is not listed, please send an inquiry.   Yulia is open to many different ways to reach her clients and share her gifts and knowledge with new audiences.   

Individual Readings - Yulia can use a variety of modalities to create a comprehensive picture of your future and significant past events that may influence you.  Readings may be either psychic or medium readings or a mix of both it is up to you or you may opt for a general reading if you are unsure.   Yulia offers clients an exclusive look into their daily lives, future and potentials using a variety of validating techniques including tarot, oracle cards, palmistry, tealeaf reading, bone throwing, crystal divination, dowsing, and crystal ball gazing. 



Couples Readings -  Same information as the individual reading, but geared towards couples.  Couples may be romantic partners, close friends, or family members.  Phone readings for couples available.



Phone Readings – Yulia can be available by phone for those unable to make it to Salem or Westford, MA.  Yulia is also able to do readings for the hearing impaired through a translator with great accuracy.  Paypal payment required prior to scheduled reading.


     $150 for an hour reading                


     $115 for a 45 minute reading 


     $75 for a half hour reading 


     $40 for a fifteen minute reading 




Séances – Yulia can perform group mediumship readings for your group (friends/families).  In previous readings with groups under 20 people Yulia has done what few mediums can, she read entire rooms of people to speak with their loved ones providing validating mediumship information for each participant.  Priced per participant.


Spiritual Counseling - Yulia uses her gifts of psychism, compassion and empathy to provide her clients with guidance and understanding in all areas of life.  You may be interested in this service for spiritual development or for more mundane concerns like romance, career, wellness and family questions.  Everyone can enhance their abilities.


Post-Death Spirit Healings – Yulia can help spirits with unresolved issues.


Unexpected Death Spiritual Counseling - During the pain and trauma of a significant unexpected event, Yulia can help ease some of the unanswered questions.


End of Life Transitions/Hospice Consulting – During the struggle at end of life, Yulia can bring healing to you or your loved one helping ease their fear.  Many at end of life are worried about what is next, Yulia can help answer difficult questions and let your loved one know they are not alone.  She can provide validation of loved ones waiting to reunite with them.  She can help them prepare their soul for the transition.


Hauntings or Spirit Activity - Yulia can assist in identifying the cause of paranormal activity and assist in developing ways to remedy any issues.  During one recent appointment, while Yulia was working on cleansing the space a cast iron pot spontaneously broke into 2 pieces. 


House/Space Blessings and Cleansings - Yulia can help you create a positive environment in your home or space after a major transition.  Yulia can also remove negative energies that may be interfering with your daily life. 


Parties – With every psychic party Yulia offers a brief psychic mediumship teaching.  She can make your party a little more exciting by offering psychic and/or mediumship readings.


Girls Night – Yulia can make Girl’s Night a time to talk about life’s questions, romance, career, and family questions.  Have some spirits with the spirits. 


College Events – Yulia can find some other spirits for the evening or entertain with psychic readings or career coaching.


Corporate Consulting – Yulia can advise your company or key management team towards success using her gifts. 


Fairs/Faires/Festivals – Yulia can set up with a variety of forms of readings to fit with the theme.














Magical Practitioner - Sometimes in life we need a little help having things go the way we desire.  Yulia is an adept magical practitioner and Salem witch.  She will use her ancestral teachings, years of intensive study and practice to help you with a variety of positive intention based methods.  Yulia is an ethical practitioner, she requires a reading prior to any magical intervention she may suggest.  If you desire magical services please list this in your inquiry.  Areas of focus include but are not limited to: Love, Prosperity, Fertility, Job Seeking, Career, Academic Study, Conflict, Misunderstandings and Transitions 


Individual Magic Classes- To help you develop your own power.  


Conferences – Yulia can present a variety of topics dealing with spirituality and the afterlife to professionals dealing with serving people (hospitals/caregivers/religious institutions).


Fundraisers – Contact Yulia to help make your fundraiser even more of a success.  Yulia deeply believes in helping others.  Yulia has worked with hospitals, schools, colleges, private institutions, and non-profits. 


Family Readings – Yulia will bring forth your departed loved ones.  She can help with unanswered questions and family issues.


Family Reunions –  Yulia will bring forth your departed loved ones, they should not have to miss the party.


Proposals – Yulia will give you and your love a special reading.  Yulia must do a reading with 1 of you prior to the proposal.


Bereavement Groups – Yulia will help bring hope and closure by communicating with the deceased.


Autism/Spectrum Disorder Psychic Analysis – Yulia is able to read those with autism to understand how they are feeling and assist parents and loved ones with answering needed questions.  Yulia will meet either with you and your child or with you based on your preferences.  Yulia is very aware of autism and does not want to cause unnecessary stress to the routine of your loved one.  During this type of session Yulia will connect with your child in an empathic way so she will be able to explain or help you understand your child's unique experience in the world.  


Weddings/Funerals/Ministerial Services - As an ordained Reverend in the state of Massacusetts, Yulia can perform weddings, funerals, and other rites of passage.   A reading or counseling service is required prior to booking a wedding ceremony. 


Education/Spiritual Teaching - Yulia Applewood teaches seminars, classes, and can develop a presentation based on your specific needs. She has a wide variety of subject matter and presentations intended for a range of study levels.


For individualized services not listed, please send Yulia an inquiry. 

She will do her best to assist you.


“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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