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I am humbled to share some of the feedback I've received from my readings.  It is an honor to be able to touch lives in the way I do.  Blessings, Yulia

Yulia Applewood Medium


Many people claim to have the ability to be mediums, or tell the future, Yulia delivers each and every time.  Many clients have seen “famous” psychics and state her reading was the best they have ever had.  Yulia makes sure you are satisfied and all your questions are answered.


A Few More Testimonials:


“Yulia really understood the difficult situation I was in and helped me find the courage to make some changes.” -S.D.


"I witnessed first hand your abilities. They are spot on. The messages were delivered with much care and tenderness.

I saw hearts healed." ~R.S. 


“She’s awesome, insightful, accurate, and spot-on with her readings!  ” ~M.M.


“Many people told me I needed a psychologist to deal with my grief, I just needed to talk to Yulia to know my ancestors were okay.” -S.S.


“I did not believe anyone could talk to my deceased friend, so many questions were answered that left me with a feeling of peace I never thought would come.” - A.N.


“I had no idea what my child with autism was thinking or feeling, Yulia's insight changed our lives.” - T.M.


“Her readings are more like hanging out with a friend, she is so supportive.  I trust her with anything.” - A.S.


“Yulia’s calm nature helped relieve any nerves I had about going to see a psychic.  I wished I met her sooner.” - B.F.


“Yulia has a great sense of humor with life matters, she truly understands.” - R.T.


“Yulia did a party for me and everyone had such a great time, we will certainly be doing another brunch.” - E.S. 


“She is a very talented person.  She spoke to my deceased husband and knew things about our dates I did not remember for 25 years, it was like he was with us.” - C.S.


“She is the real deal!!!  She is so sweet and honest.  Wonderful sense of things... spot on a couple times with me when I have called to chat, she will pop out what is wrong.  I love her, she pops out the good too! Erie sometimes." - D.B.


"Yulia, I thoroughly enjoyed your class on Friday night.  I can't wait until next month.  Thank you for inspiring me.  So much has transpired since our last reading.  Looking forward to another." - P.C.


"I found out what my grandpa (the one who looks like a farmer in the painting "American Gothic") wanted me to know through He and his wife are now on the altar.  Thanks so much for the nudge to listen."  - N.S.


"Lovely, I was having a long talk with my mom and she spoke of how you helped her remember some fond memories of when she was first dating my Dad." - J.A.M.



"Thank you for the reading. I learned and opened up so much from the session itself and what came up within me as a reaction. I am working with those energies a lot. You helped me to gain new clarity of some things. You are truly gifted." ~L. M.


"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help! You were right as usual!" ~S. M.


"The money charm you made me is working!  Last week, I got a job offer to start right away.  It was quite surreal because I did not get to meet the manager, view a job description or see the desk.  The HR lady loved me and thought I would be a really good fit for the team.  I went with it and accepted the job.  Then this past weekend, I got a total of 5 bookings!!  I have been working since August and maybe I get 1 a month, 6 total in 6 months!  Then this past weekend after you making the charm, I get 5 bookings in one weekend.  This is incredible!" ~S. W.


"I thoroughly enjoyed my card reading" ~L. K.


"I had a reading by you and needless to say, I was extremely blown away!" ~G. L.


"It was a pleasure meeting you and I thoroughly enjoyed my various readings with you.  I love having something to look forward to by way of life-changing or deepening experiences. I wish you great success in your Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends." ~M.D.


"Thank you Yulia, for all of your help! I really appreciate it." ~S. P.


"You had said my son T. would find a job and be successful. Well, he just got a job and we are all very excited for him." ~L.


"Thanks so much for reading my cards last Sunday. It was enlightening so say the least; learning more about myself. Thank you for understanding my situation and helping me to feel like I am a good person." ~K. C.


"Thank you for the wonderful session last week, I found it very helpful." ~J. E.


"Thank you for the fantastic tarot reading." ~B. N.


“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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