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What To Expect for Your First Reading


Many people are nervous or uncertain at having their first reading.  This is understandable and Yulia will put you at ease with her gentle and compassionate manner.  Yulia offers clients the ability to direct their own reading.  Clients are encouraged to bring specific questions or topics of focus.  Yulia does not need any information aside from your first name and sign of the zodiac.  Some clients choose to bring special items or photos, this is not necessary but you are welcome to do so.  Prior to your reading focus your intentions on the desired outcome.  This helps Yulia give the information you most want.  Yulia provides a high quality reading regardless of your participation level.  However, if you would like specific information your reading can be best focused by providing Yulia with a specific topic or intention.  Active interaction during a reading does not detract from Yulia's ability to give you an unbiased psychic result and may enhance your reading. 


Yulia Applewood is both a psychic and a medium, which means that she can predict future events and communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on.  Although no psychic/medium can guarantee that they will connect with a particular spirit Yulia has yet to disappoint a client asking to speak with a particular spirit and provide validating information.  Yulia also believes that we are ultimately in control of our own destiny.  Any future events are the most likely probable outcome given your current situation.  As an intuitive and magical practioner Yulia provides her clients with the tools they need to make necessary adjustments in the future for their highest good.  Yulia is an ethical practioner and treats all her clients with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.   


Questions or areas of focus include but are not limited to:


Love, Career, Family, Wellness, Spirituality, Prosperity


Even though Yulia can uses a variety of tools and divinitory modalities during a reading these are not necessary for her to gain psychic insight.  Her preference to use various psychic tools is based on the comfort of her client with the various modalities.  Yulia embraces divination tools to honor the ancient tradition of divination.  If you have any specific interests, please inquire. Some people feel more comfortable with starting with a tarot reading or palmistry, others want a bone reading because it is different, and others just want to sit and talk like friends about difficult life questions.   Yulia wants all of her clients to be completely satisfied.   If you have any questions, please ask Yulia.   

Steps to your reading:

1) Contact Yulia through the home page or call the phone number.

2) Yulia will schedule a time for your reading based on her availability.

3) Pre-pay for your reading through the Paypal links provided, if you have trouble Yulia can send an invoice.  She also accepts Venmo.

4) At the scheduled time of your reading Yulia will call the phone number you provide.  Please be ready and focused on your reading and the intention of your call.  Let her know if you have any questions that she will clarify.  

Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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