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Presentations, Seminars, and Classes offered

by Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium


Yulia Applewood believes strongly in aiding others in their spiritual growth.  Some areas she covers through her teaching include:


Psychic Development Courses

Mediumship, Spirits of the Dearly Departed and Ancestral Classes

Personal Spirituality Workshops

Informational Classes

Magical Teaching and Coaching


She also may be available for independent study by special interest topic.


Below are some examples of presentations and courses Yulia Applewood teaches.  If you have a special request please send an inquiry.


Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
Yulia Applewood Psychic

Yulia Applewood shares perspectives of the afterlife she’s experienced during her practice as a psychic medium. In this class we will discuss how people have viewed the afterlife across time and culture, as well as, our own unique experiences from our encounters with those who have passed into spirit. This class will be a comforting glimpse into the life after this one and is ideal for anyone who is grieving a loss, who provides end of life care, who is interested or concerned about their own mortality and who is spiritually curious.

Yulia Applewood Psychic Medium Salem Witch
Building Your
Own Daily
Spiritual Practice

In this class Yulia Applewood will discuss the importance of a daily spiritual practice and the simple steps you can take to bring the sacred into your daily life. The opportunity to invite the divine/spirit into your life is everywhere from preparing food, to bathing, to preparing for sleep or upon waking in the morning. Learn a variety of techniques, taken from a plethora of spiritual traditions from around the world, to honor this wonderful life we all share.  Feel what resonates with you, try it and watch your life improve!  

Yulia Applewood Reading
Beginner’s Psychic & Mediumship Development Workshop

Yulia Applewood teaches students the basics of psychism and mediumship in a safe and supportive environment. Students will discover their own innate psychic skill and talents through a series of exercises designed to gently open the third eye and make them aware of the unseen world around them. The first class will focus on psychic protection and spiritual hygiene and spiritual awareness. The second class will be instrumental in identifying and developing the individual psychic skills of each student. In the third class we will explore the wonders of mediumship and connect with the realm of spirit through a small group séance.  

Psychic Tools and Reading
Techniques Workshop
Yulia Applewood Readings

In each of these three classes students will have the opportunity to experiment with different psychic tools and techniques along with learning a brief history about each practice. In the first class Yulia Applewood will discuss Tarot cards and teach the systems behind the symbolism in the cards, which make them such a useful tool in divination. We will also experiment with dowsing, using both rods and pendulums to answer simple questions and find lost items. In the second class we will introduce the ancient art of scrying on liquid, flame and crystal surfaces. We will also delve into palmistry and learn how to be prepared for certain changes in our own lives by studying some of the major lines on our hands. In the third and final class we will learn how to read tea leaves and throw bones. Both of these famous systems from antiquity have complex histories and variations that will also be discussed.

Yulia Applewood Spirituality
Psychic Protection for You and Your Family Workshop

This class is geared towards parents of psychically sensitive children, empathic children, children who experience frequent nightmares and/or differently abled children. In this workshop, the participants will learn from Yulia Applewood how to cleanse negativity from their environment, help their children shield themselves from negative energy, prevent and quell nightmares and better understand their children’s psychic experience. A small gift bag of spiritual supplies and instructions is included in the cost of the class.

Yulia Applewood Magic

Yulia Applewood will teach you how to manifest confidence, abundance, success and love using some of the folk remedies that your grandmother may have used.  In this informative class we will discuss America’s diverse cultures and spiritual traditions and the roots of practices and superstitions that have grown to become uniquely ours. Along with a vibrant discussion, in which everyone is invited to participate, students will also be provided materials to make their own folk charm.

Yulia Applewood Medium
You are Not Alone: Bringing the Spirits of Your Departed Loved Ones into Your Daily Life

In this workshop Yulia Applewood will discuss how people have honored the spirits of their beloved dead across time and culture. We will also learn how to assemble an altar or memorial space in your home, where you can go to commune with your loved ones who have passed into spirit. In addition, students will be taught some basic techniques to enhance their innate mediumistic skills. Materials will be provided for students to craft a spirit guide oil and prepare a vigil candle for use in their own memorial space.

Yulia Applewood Presentation
Identifying and Working with Your Spirit Guides and Patrons

Yulia Applewood will discuss different types of spirit guides and patron entities from totem animals and ancestors, to saints and angels, to gods and goddesses. What do you think about when you feel guided in your life, what are the origins of your protective influences, your motivational influences? Learn how to identify these energies that are acting upon your life and work with them. Divination techniques such as totem cards and psychic transfiguration will be implemented as part of the identification process, as will dream interpretation and guided meditation. Once we have been able to identify your guides we will learn how you can work with them to improve the quality of your life and intensify your spiritual path.

Yulia Applewood Psychic
It’s All Greek to Me: Mythology and Archetypes Explained

Yulia Applewood will discuss common archetypes and how they play out in each of our lives and spiritual journeys. We will also learn the mythological roots of these archetypes and straightforward/common wisdom hiding in some of these ancient tomes. Selections of mythology will be taken from around the world and from different times in human development. In this class you will learn that you are the hero/ine of your own epic tale!

Yulia Applewood Angels
Ascending Among the Angels

Yulia Applewood will discuss the comfort and loving presence of angels in our lives in the traditional sense. Students will learn about the different types of angels, identify which angels most resonate with them and learn how to use ancient sigils to invoke and commune with the angelic realm. Parchment and ink will be provided for students to draw an angelic sigil for them to take home and use.  *A sigil is a symbol that represents angels and other divine beings. 

Yulia Applewood Jewelry

Amulets, Talismans and Wearable Magic for Confidence,

Well-being, Love and Success

From the very beginning of human history, we have adorned ourselves with magical objects for protection or to attract certain things into our lives. People have used bone, shells, stones, metals and sigils to improve their lives in numerous ways. In this class Yulia Applewood will teach about the history and cultural context of amulets and talismans and how you can use this form of magic to improve the quality of your life. We will then make our own amulet or talisman and consecrate it, to complete the process. All materials will be provided and you will leave this class with an empowered amulet or talisman that is beautiful and uniquely yours.

Yulia Applewood Mediumship

Connecting with your Ancestors through Genealogy

Yulia Applewood co-teaches with genealogist Sharon Satterlee - Learn the secrets of your family history by becoming your own genealogist! In this class Sharon Satterlee will teach you tips and tricks to unlocking even the most obscure family heritage, while Yulia Applewood will teach you how to connect with the spirits of these individuals through psychic and mediumistic techniques. Participants will be encouraged to share their own family histories.

If you do not see a class listed, please send an inquiry.   Yulia is open to many different ways to reach her clients and share her gifts and knowledge to help new audiences. 

“Healing, one reading at a time.”


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